Those girls are leaving without an animal!

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It’s a wrap. Almost. Wow, it was so close to being a wrap. We were all packed up, rolling down the driveway, trying to avoid running over Ali, Molly, and Thumper, when a harried-looking woman in a Subaru flagged us down. She said she had a cat for ‘the people who run this place.’ Animal drop-offs generally happen after 2pm but she was clearly agitated so I went to find Susan for her. As I looked around, the woman followed me asking,’who are you, can i give you the cat? where are the people in charge?’
Susan emerged and explained to the woman (who had not called or announced her arrival but said a couple hundred times that she’d driven a long way) that the cat is healthy and Susan doesn’t take in healthy cats. If she did, she wouldn’t have the time nor the room to take on the sick and handicapped cats for whom she founded Angel’s Gate. It’s a hospice and rehab center, not a pet depository. Only she said that in a much nicer way.
The woman, however, was having none of it and screamed at Susan (who was now holding the fluffy, confused kitty) that she’d done enough! That she’d taken it to the vet! She’d watched it for a day! What the bleep was she supposed to do with it now! She then told us she was going to leave the cat at the end of Susan’s driveway and let it wander back up to Angel’s Gate. Susan kindly requested she not do that. The woman shouted FINE, snatched the cat from Susan’s arms, threw open her back door, and literally chucked the terrified cat in the backseat. Before I could give the woman a piece of my mind, Tracey had planted herself behind the Subaru (nearly getting run over), and told the woman to give her the cat. The woman screeched to a halt and squawked, ‘fine!! Take her!!’, heaved the poor cat into Tracey’s arms, and peeled away.

And now Tracey has a loving, de-clawed, fluffy, adorable cat who desperately needs a home. Followers of this blog, fans of Angel’s Gate, and animals lovers everywhere, please help us find her a forever home. Simply comment on this post on Facebook if you are interested or know anyone who might be (remember to mention the de-clawed part). Thanks so much.

Speaking of thank you. As Tracey and I depart from our shoot, we realize there is no way we can repay Susan and her staff for letting us barge into their lives for six weeks. But here goes. Thank you Justin, Alicia, Kari, Kyle, Katie, Heather, Audrey, Nick, Matt, Sandy, Maggie, and most of all, Susan. We have no idea how you tolerated us for so long. But maybe it will help to know that we abandoned our plan to actually sleep over in your room for a night or two. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but we actually could have been more intrusive. Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you.

Thank you.

don't let the door hit you on the way out!

kyle with stowaway kitteh

NOW we can leave

  1. Fortunately PETA has filmed the organization and brought to light what is really going on at Angels Gate. Ms. Marino is a horder that needs help.

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